Friday, October 28, 2011

Adopt A Baby Boy


A new picture of Paul!!! Paul is up for international adoption in the UK through Reeces Rainbow. Here is the link for his info.

He is the little boy that I have been assigned to pray him home. He turns 3 Nov 10th. That is just a few days away! In orphanages they don't celebrate Birthdays or give gifts or have cake. In fact, I doubt they even acknowledge Birthdays. It is sad! And he needs a Mommy and a Daddy to show him love. He will not be adopted in his country. He has no future there. I wish I had more info on him, like cute little stories that he did. Something along the lines as, today I got to play go fish with Paul and the whole time we played the game he had a smile from ear to ear. He wanted to play the game over and over! But I don't have any stories about Paul but I do know that he is just precious in his picture and I know he needs a family! Please consider adopting Paul and if you can't please send out prayers and if you can donate to his grant $5, 10, 20, anything would help! They say its not that there aren't enough couples/people willing to adopt internationally, its the cost that puts up the road block. Halloween is on Monday and I hope everyone has a good one! I wonder what Paul would want to be if he made it home by next Halloween? A super hero maybe? I bet he would be smiling ear to ear then too!

Here is the link to my old post about Paul with his other picture. He is growing up ya'll, same as Konner! Please pray they find their forever home!

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