Monday, March 31, 2008


Here are some things Kyler has been up to...

Skateboarding! He is getting really good as well!!

Baseball. This is the first year he has played baseball but he is really good at it! He is going to a baseball camp this summer for two weeks!!

He is doing really great in school this year! He has made A's and B's all year and has not missed a day of school this year!!! He is very proud of that!! He only missed 1 day last year!

He loves music and has gotten into CD's and is always using Paul's ipod.

He is really good at art. He can pause the tv and draw free hand what is on the tv (like a cartoon character).

He is also really good a video games. I have to limit them to about 30 minutes a day otherwise they would play all day!

He is really good on the computer! He can do a power point presentation! He can also search the web real well, find games to play, ect.

He also was really great at skiing! In ski school they start them without poles and they have to work up to poles. Kyler made it to poles by the end of the first day. They told us it usually takes about a week! Very impressive!

He is ready for summer!!! I think we all are ready for summer!!

C-Ya later!

Precious' Bday!!!

Today is Precious' 21st Bday!! Happy Bday Precious!!! Her paper name is Sudden Threat. Her Granddad was Dash For Cash which is one of the most successful race horses ever!! Out of 25 races he won 21 with 3 second places. The age they raced him to also made him the oldest race horse to win races! I think he was around 7 and still racing. Most race horses start when they are 2 and are retried by the time they are 4. Dash for Cash was born in Frisco, Tx in 1973 and died in 1996. He was still with the same owner! He produced several offspring. Around 1300 and a horse named Sudden Dash was Precious' dad. I looked today to find info on Sudden Dash but couldn't find anything today but about a year ago (probably around Precious' Bday last year) I found some info on Sudden Dash. From what I remember he won around 90,000.00 in races and went on to become a barrel racing champ horse. Precious mom's name was Tonto Threat and it cost 85,000.00 to breed her to Sudden Dash which produced Sudden Threat...Precious. She was bread to be a race horse but the guy that had her (he had many race horses) was having financial trouble and his wife was making him (this is what he told my dad) sell all his horses so they wouldn't lose their house. Well he knew my dad through work and wanted to sell him Precious at a very low price. We bought her for 2,000.00. She was 3 years old and had never been trained but she was broke. The deal was he would sell us her if he could come and visit her and if we ever wanted to sell her to sell her back to him for the same price. The guy lived in Dallas and at the time we lived in Amarillo. Well I got her and of course fell in love with her and trained her in English jumping. Randy (her previous owner) did come and visit her several times. He really did love her and Precious really did love him. She always remembered who he was. He is the one who gave her the name Precious. She doesn't really look like a Precious but she knew her name and I didn't want to change it on her. About the time I graduated high school, Randy started asking if he could buy her back but I always said no. He stopped coming out to visit her about this time but about every two years he would call to see if I wanted to sell her back to him. He did call me about two years ago so it might be about the time he calls again to see if I want to sell her. I am pretty sure he really regrets selling her to us. I think he thought he would be able to buy her right back after he got back on his feet but I feel in love with her as well and could never let her go! She has been one of my highlights in life and is such a sweet horse!! I love her so much and she can give looks that just melt your heart!! Reading the bio of Dash for Cash his owner said the reason he felt he had so much success was because of his intelligence. Here is what his owner said " I think one thing that made Dash For Cash as fast as he was, and as successful as he was, was the fact that he has so much intelligence," said Phillips. "This horse had more intelligence, and has more intelligence, than any horse I've ever been around. When he was in his training period, in early life, this horse was just as docile as could be; you could take him out with a cotton rope and halter, and lead him out and graze him anytime, all the time he was in training. But you put him on a racetrack, and he got up on the muscle. He was that way all his life. you can go out there, and lead him anywhere you want to, do anything you want to with him, and he's just perfect. Every other day in breeding season, when he comes out of the stall and he knows he's going to the breeding barn, he gets on the muscle—but he's all business, whatever he does. And after the business is over, he's through." Precious defiantly inherited that from her granddad! One of the things I have heard through the years from trainers was she is "too smart." Happy Bday Precious!! I love you!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Favortie Movie

We just recently watched the movie called Whats Eating Gilbert Grape with Johnny Depp. That was a really good movie!! It came out in 93 (I think). Anyway just thought I would post that if anyone needed an idea for a movie to rent.

C-Ya Later!


Here are some things Branson has been up to....

He is playing soccer (I think everyone knows that) and his team at this age is
both boys and girls but his team this season is all girls but him. He always jokes
at practice boys against girls. LOL!

He got a skateboard for Christmas and he is getting really good at riding it!!

He has gotten out of his Thomas the train stage :( but still plays with his hotwheels sometimes. I didn't think he would ever get out of the Thomas stage. He LOVED Thomas and we have probably every single thing of Thomas! We should sell it all and make a billion dollars!!

He is really good at video games. I mean really really good. The other day him and Kyler were playing a new game (it was more of a game for Kyler's age) and Branson kept getting mad because he thought he was so far behind well it turned out he was real far ahead and had like 10,000.00 points and Kyler had like 700 points. He has done that alot with video games...some kind of natural talent. He could probably win some sort of video game championship and win millions of dollars! LOL!

He is the only one that can make Jade smile if she is upset and crying. He is always playing with her. It is real cute!!

He loves to ride his bike and him, Paul and Kyler always go hiking on the hills behind our house. Branson really loves to go hiking.

It is getting warm enough to start swimming and that is another Branson loves! Him and Kyler took swim lessons last fall. I was trying to see if they would like to do swim competitions and they were not interested in that. But they did good at the lessons.

He loves school and is doing really good in it! He has a really good teacher this year!

He took to skiing like a fish takes to water!! He did so great!! Another natural talent!!

I will post Kyler's tomorrow!! I need to go get the kids haircuts for now!!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rodeo Queen

I have gotten a few emails about the post the other day on being on the news when I got rodeo queen when I was a kid so I just thought I would tell about the experience for fun. I had to get up real early around 4am because we had to be at the tv station at 5am and it was downtown. I got there and they went over all the things they would ask me and I had a paper with my answers on it so I could glance down if I needed to. I had my cowboy hat on with the rhinestone tiara on it (you know...for being a queen) and I had a sash on that said Rodeo Queen with my cowboy shirt. If only I had a picture....LOL (my mom has all those pic this was before digital. One day if I am down in Amarillo I will get a pic and scan it in so you can all see). So I got to sit behind the news desk with the other anchors and it was live tv. It started at 6am and all I really remember is real brite lights and when they asked what all they had at the rodeo I was ready off my paper on the desk and I can remember the guy behind the camera kept waving to me to look up because I was looking down too long. LOL! It was fun and it is a fun memorie to have.

Now what does a rodeo queen do at a rodeo you might ask......Well at the beginning of the rodeo they (well this is how the Range Riders Rodeo did it in Amarillo years ago) would have a drill team which consisted of about 12 people on there horses carrying flags come in and do a routine to a song and then stop at certain points in the arena. Then the queen would come in on her horse carrying a American flag to the National Anthem and ride around the arena to the song and stop in the middle when the song was done and they would say a prayer and announce some other things then play another song and the drill team and queen would ride around doing another routine and then line up at the end of the arena at the opposite end of the gate. This was my favorite part....then two by two the drill team would run down the middle as fast as they could get there horses to go and the queen would go last and the crowd would be standing up yelling and clapping! And then the rodeo would start. It was a blast!! The year before and the year after I was in the drill team and that was fun too!!

Here is a video of a drill team for a better example. The person carrying the American flag is just like the one I had to carry. So this will give you a good idea although we did a different routine but you will get the point. What did we do before utube?? LOL! It was fun times!

c-ya later


Here are a few things Jade has been up to....

She has learned to shake her head yes or when I was walking her to her room for a nap she was shaking her head no. Haha! It was cute....I was shaking my head yes! :)

She loves to play in things like empty laundry baskets, get under the bar chairs any kind of little space. She also loves to play with pots and pans. Just when I get them all put up she will pull them all right back out. It is real cute how she plays!

She is not walking yet but is so close. Branson was the only one of my kids to walk right before turning one (like a week before). Kyler was 15 months and Jade is ??? she is 13 months now. When she starts walking I will be running after her so its ok that she is not walking yet. :)

I have to distract Jade when I put a clip in her hair otherwise she pulls it right out. The clips won't last all day because she usually figures it out but I can get a few hours out of it.

Jade lovessss to eat and is not picky at all! She trys everything and likes almost everything. All my kids were good eaters so we were lucky in that area!

Jade can say mama, dada (yes she said dada first even with all my coaching. :) ) yes, kitty, Jade, baba, drink although it comes out dink which is even cuter, and a bunch of other baby talk I don't understand but she looks very serious when she says it so it must be important. :)

She is all girl!!! She goes crazy when I am putting on my lipstick so I pretend to put it on her and she loves it!

She is always smiling with her big dimples that are so cute and always has a twinkle in her eyes!

She loves to blow kisses and always will give you a kiss!

She is a big daddy's girl! (I think most girls are! :) )

Well thats all for now...We are off to Olive Garden for dinner! I will add a post tomorrow about Branson and then the next day Kyler. I am going in that order just because I started with Jade.

C-Ya soon!

Sat update sports

Branson's soccer team won their game this am 9 to 6! They don't keep score at this age but the parents do. LOL! Kyler's baseball team won their game today 11 to 10!! It was a very close game and the other team got way ahead at the beginning so we weren't sure the kids would pull it out but they did!! Thats all the sports for this weekend! See everyone later!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 things you may not know about me

Just for fun...5 things you may not know about me

1. When I was in 5th grade I won rodeo queen and got to be on the morning news to be interviewed. I gave all the info on the rodeo and answered questions the news guys asked and then talked about how I learned to ride horses, ect. It was very exciting and fun and I wish we had a video of it but at the time vcr's were just coming out and we didn't have one so we didn't get a taping. Oh least I have the memories.

2. I took ballet from the age of 6 till the age of 10 and was in the nutcracker the last year and also got toe-shoes my last year. I quit because it interfered with horse back riding. Once horses came in the picture thats all I wanted to do!

3. I learn to swim when I was 3.

4. My favorite color is purple.

5. My horse will be 21 on March 31! I have had her for 18 years in July!!!!

Well that was fun! It was harder than I thought it would be to think of 5 things! LOL! Good thing I didn't put 10 things...I would be here all night!

Night everyone!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kyler's Baseball Game

Kyler's baseball team won their game tonight!! Go Braves!! That make
it 4 and 0 for the season so far!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Pictures

Happy Easter a day late Everyone!! We had a great Easter Egg hunt!! Thanks Easter Bunny!! Also thanks Diane for Jade's Easter Dress!! It was very pretty on her! Hope everyone had a great Easter!! See Everyone soon!!

ps. I think the jig is up with Kyler and the Eater Bunny! :) Which also means it will be up with Branson too! LOL!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pictures in Amarillo

Here are the pictures of when we stopped in Amarillo on our way to Breckenridge. We ate at the Red Barn and if you are ever driving through Amarillo and want the best BBQ in the world stop there!!! We love the BBQ there!! I love your mother and Bob!

More ski pictures

Here are a few more of the pictures! I will post the pictures of my parents (we stopped in Amarillo on the way to the mountains) a little later after Kyler's baseball practice.

On another note...while we were in Breckenridge we saw Michelle Quan (sp?) the silver medalist in ice skating. A few people went up to get pictures and autographs but she was at lunch and we just didn't want to bother her. She was a very tiny girl and very short. I guess on the tv screen makes everyone look taller. Anyway it was a great trip and skiing was a lot of fun!! We can't wait till next year!!! Thanks David and Nikki for talking us in to going to Breckenridge!!! Hopefully next year we can all go together!! Give Alex a kiss for us!! Talk to everyone soon!

pictures from ski trip!!

Hi Everyone!! Happy St Patty's Day!! Hope everyone is wearing green today...unless you like to get pinched and in that case hope you are not wearing green! LOL! I want to say Happy One Year to Ben and Sarah today!! Hope you guys have had a great first year of marriage with many many more to come!!!

The first few pictures are of the drive into Breckenridge!! The views were just breath taking!! The picture don't do justice but it was just the most beautiful drive in!!!

I will add more pictures later...I am out of time for now!

Happy St Patty's Day!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breckenridge Colorado

Hi Everyone! We are having the best vacation here in Breckenridge!! It has been so much fun!! The skiing is awesome!! The kids took two days of ski school and now they are expert skiers!! I took one day of ski school and I can now go 2mph down the mountain but at least I am not rolling down the mountain! This town is so cute! It feels like a town straight out of a movie!! We have decided to come skiing here once a year!! I will have to put pictures up later.
For some reason I can't get them to down load now. I will add more later!! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, March 7, 2008


We are off to ski!! Like I said...I will be up till midnight trying to pack and I was!! Also we were suppose to leave about 2 hours ago....oh well!! Keep a look out for pictures this week!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hi Everyone! Here is a few pictures of Precious. The horse on the right is a baby Precious adopted (although the baby is almost as tall as Precious!). The real mom of the baby started to reject the baby and it was too early for the baby to be winged. So they tried putting the baby with other horses and none of them took to the baby. Well if you knew Precious you would know she doesn't really get along with other horses. Every once in a while she will find a friend but it is pretty rare so they weren't even going to try and put the baby with her. Well every time the baby would walk by Precious the baby would just talk to her and just go crazy tying to get next to her then Precious started to do the same thing so they decided to try her with the baby and guess what.....they are inseparable! They are so cute together! So the joke is when I had Jade Precious went out and found her a baby too. LOL! The pictures with the Santa Hat would of looked better if I would of groomed her but it was freezing cold that day and everyone was putting the Santa hat on and getting pictures so I just did it real quick. Her and the baby are so cute together!!