Monday, February 23, 2009

Cute Pictures Of Jade And When She Was In The Hospital

Here are a few pictures of Jade being cute and a few of when she was in the hospital. Her face looks swollen in the pictures at the hospital because they had saline running in her iv trying to hydrate her. Notice her necklace in the hospital pictures, it is a crown with rubys on top of a heart. You can click on the picture (the ones where she is sitting up) and it will enlarge the picture so you can see the necklace better.The boys picked that out for her at the gift shop. It came in a cute little crown box. She liked the box more than anything!

Jade is doing really good this week. When it is time to do blood test (we have to stick her figure for blood) she just gives us her hand. She still cries with the shots and says no, no but she is getting better. Paul can do it so fast she doesn't even see it coming and she doesn't cry when he does it. I am not that good yet.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since she was diagnosed. In some ways it feels like forever ago and other ways it feels like yesterday. I have been praying for peace, peace of mind, positive thoughts, acceptance and just how thankful I am of my family and I really feel like it is working. In fact I almost can't believe how fast I have felt acceptance of the whole situation. Of course I am still praying for a miracle and that her diabetes just goes away...guess I haven't totally accepted it...Thanks for everyone's prayers!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jade's Birthday Pictures!!!

I took about a billion pictures of Jade on her Bday yesterday but I will just post a few. She had a great Bday and played till she couldn't stand up she was so tried! It was really a great Bday!! I love you Jade!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jade's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Jade's Birthday!! The big 2! I think we bought every toy at the toy store and a ton of clothes! A girl has to have clothes! We feel very blessed that she is our daughter and love her more than anything in this world!! In fact, we love all our kids more than anything in this world and our love for all of them just grows more and more and more and more everyday!!!! Just when I think I can't love them anymore my heart will quadruple a million time over!! Plus some!!

Happy Birthday Jade!! I love your more than anything and feel so blessed that you are our daughter!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Tueday Feb 10th, exactly 10 days before my daughter's 2nd Birthday she is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Our hearts are shattered into a million pieces. Why? Why? There are no answers I guess. No answers for cf, no answers for diabetes. It has started already...her perfect, beautiful porcelain skin is bruising from the shots she must now take. How many times can I cry? Apparently a lot. She sees me coming with the shot and she instantly starts crying. Then I start crying...again. They say she will get use to it but I know I won't. Just completely breaks my heart. Why? I don't think we have slept since she got home from the hospital. Constantly checking on her. Why can't someone make a monitor to alert you if you have low blood sugar? Guess it is more important to come up with the technology to find the name of a song playing on a restaurant by holding up a phone. Guess I am angry too. How can this happen to a child? A toddler? My baby?

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well today was the day I took my 1st Anatomy test, both Lab and Lecture. I really don't know how I feel about how well I did. There were things I defiantly knew and there were things I am pretty sure I knew and then there were things I kind of remembered but it was more of a guess and then there were the things I just completely had no idea and guessed. So I have no idea what I made. I really want a A but am praying for at least a C. I can honestly say I did all I could do to prepare for this test. There isn't anymore I could of done. I started studying from day 1 so I did the best I could. I am kind of down about it because I wanted to walk out of there knowing I did great with no second thoughts but I will just have to wait till Wed to see how I did. Well time to go study for the next 6 chapters!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow! 3 posts in a row!

Paul has posted 3 new posts in a row!! It is some kind of miracle! Take a look if you get a chance...on my blog list under This And That

I have a busy weekend a head of me studying for my first test on monday. I went to BanesandNobel to try and find a easy to learn anatomy book. Didn't really find anything but did get the book anatomy for dummies because it had practice tests in it. See if that helps me any. Then I went and bought some ear rings to make me feel can make almost anything ok!

Well time to get back to studying! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

PayDay Comes A Lot Faster Now!

Well at least it seems that way now! Since I started school back up it feels like the week just flies by! I can sit down to study for what seems like 30 min and 4 hours has gone by! But yet I don't get 4 hours of info in me but more like 30 min? How does that work? My anatomy class has taken over my entire life! We have gone over 5 chapters in two weeks and we have a test on Monday. We have both the Lab test and the Lecture test! Some days I feel that I am ready and other days I feel like I am defiantly not ready. Today I feel like I am not ready! Last night I was dreaming about anatomy!! In my dream I couldn't remember the name of a certain cartilage. I woke up and had to go get my book and look it up otherwise I wouldn't of been able to go back to was Hyaline Cartilage btw. I have talk to a couple of other people in different anatomy classes and they told me they went over 1 chapter in two weeks and will have the first test over 1 chapter!!?? How did I not get that teacher?? Dang! Well please send out prayer my way that I am able to do good on my test on Monday! Thank you!!! I really want to do good on it so this weekend will all be about anatomy!

Paul's Blog

Hey check out my husband's blog on my blog list called This And That...he finally updated it after 6 months! LOL!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Branson Remembers!

So driving home from dinner tonight (I-Hop Yum!) Branson started talking about all the things he remembered when we lived in Plano. We moved to Austin when he just turned 4. It was cute all the things he remembered. He remembered our swing set we had in our backyard which brought back the memory for me of when we got that first swing set. We bought it for Kyler when he turned 2. At the time Paul was traveling a lot for work and I remember spending a lot of time with Kyler pushing him on the swing and him singing. Kyler was a big singer when he was small and a lot of time now I will hear him in the other room singing. Branson always liked the slide on the swing set. He would go down it over and over and over and over! That first swing set got a lot of use!

Branson said he remembered our living room in Plano but that he didn't remember his room. That made me kind of sad because he spent a lot of time in his room playing with his trains and hotwheels. He did remember Kyler's room. But he said he remembered the living room the most. We all spent a lot of time in that room too.

Branson also remember always walking to the 'lake' to feed the ducks. There use to be a pond by Kyler's school in Plano and me and Branson would walk to the pond and feed the ducks while we waited for Kyler to get out of school. Branson use to call it the lake. He would always say 'can we walk to the lake and feed the ducks?' It was so cute how he called it the lake and he still calls it by that name today.

The drive home tonight really brought back a lot of good memories of when Kyler and Branson were younger. It really made me realize how much they have grown up and how fast it has all gone. That made me kind of sad too...knowing how much they have grown up in the last couple of years but then again it also made me happy for how many great memories we have made. And they are still little and still so cute! It was really cute what Branson remembered. He remembers a lot of little things. And those little things are very important! It's the little things that count! That's what I am learning from Branson!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jade And Her Blankie!

When Jade was 6 months old she started holding on to this one particular pink blanket and ever since then she has to have her blanket when she goes to bed, is upset, not feeling well, ect. We just always called it her 'blankie'. Well about 6 months ago (she is almost 2) she started asking where her JuJu was. It took us a couple of days and then realized when she said JuJu she meant her blanket. Some how/reason she named her blanket juju! We don't know where she got that name or why she named her blanket this but it is so cute! I am just impressed that at a 1 1/2 she was able to name her blanket juju and she came up with that name all on her own! I just wonder what she was thinking when she named it! Where did juju come from?? Like I said we never said that name before! Kids are so cute!! I just love how their minds work!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enlightenment Tag

I was tagged by Marcus over at RT Student Blog to tell you 10 things about me. Here we go....

1. I love little sports cars! Me and Paul always try to have a 3rd car called a party car and its always a sports car to drive when me and Paul just go out or if I am going to the store by myself I will take the party car. We use to have a mustang but sold it about a year ago because it was starting to break down alot. We have been talking about getting something soon. Maybe something like an eclipse. Just a fun little car to drive.

2. I use to be a worrier. I would worry over everything! I would worry about worrying. Over the years I have really worked on this and have gotten much better at "Letting go and Letting God" but I will say since starting school back up that my worrying has reared it ugly head but I am working on it!

3. I love clothes!! I don't like shopping for clothes but I love having clothes!! This last year I have really tried not to buy too many new things because I have a lot of clothes with tags still on them that I have never worn so I am really trying to wear what I have. But I do love clothes!

4. I am a huge animal lover. I can remember when I was little how I just could feel that love I have for animals! I mean REALLY feel that LOVE! My mom always told me to be a vet but there is no way I could deal with losing an animal.

5. Even though I have watched football all my life I still don't understand a lot of the rules. I probably never will.

6. I love dancing!

7. I am addicted to facebook! It is so much fun!

8. I like all food except moon pies! When I was a kid I use to go to a public swimming pool with two friends (they were twin sisters that I grew up with on my block) and their dad would always buy us a moon pie. I was always taught that if someone buys you something you have to eat it no matter what. It took all I had to get those moon pies down! One time we finished our moon pies and their dad asked if we wanted one more. The twins said yes and I said no thank you . Well he came back with a moon pie for me too! He thought I was just being polite not wanting him to spend money on me. Again it took all I had to get that moon pie down. A few years later their dad died and I was really glad I ate those moon pies!

9. I love finding fun little dive bars.

10. I love jewelry!! I love buying jewelry everytime I buy new clothes! Not expensive jewelry but stuff you can get at Target or the mall. Jewelry can really make an outfit shine!!

Ok well now I need to tag two people I think I will tag Phenny's mom from Phoenix's Fight and Tammy from Word on the street! Thanks!!