Sunday, March 29, 2009

Florida Trip - Spring Break 2009

Well our trip to Disney was a blast!! We all had so much fun! I only wish it would of lasted longer!! We woke up Branson first the morning we were leaving (remember we didn't tell the kids because we wanted to wake them up and say 'guess where we are going!' ) and told him it was time for school. Brans was like no-o-o-o-o it is Spring Break! Then we told him we are GOING TO DISNEY!!! and he said 'can you carry me down to the car?' Haha! But it wasn't long before he jumped out of bed! Then we went to Kyler's room and told him it was time for school and he was on automatic mode and just got up and started to get ready before he said 'no it's sat!' Then we said we are GOING TO DISNEY!!!!! And he started jumping up and down and asking if we were joking! Jade was excited too but I think more because the boys were!

Right when we got to Florida and got all checked in we got to see the space shuttle launch! It was amazing and we felt very lucky we got to see it!! I have video on the next post down so take a look!

The parks were so much fun and I have a ton of pictures! I will try and get them all up in the next couple of days! Each day after the park we would come back and let the kids go swimming while we sat by the pool and had a margaritta or two :) The pool had a huge priate ship in it with a water slide. The kids loved that!! It was a really fun trip!! Kyler asked if we were going to come back next year and I told him it would probably be more like 3 years so Jade can be a little older although now that we are home I would love to go back next year!!! I would have no problem going every year!!!

I will get the pic up soon but don't forget the next post down of the video of the launch!!

Space Shuttle Launch Video 1st Day In Florida!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Disney

Here are a couple of pictures of the last time we went to Disney. They are not real good pictures because I took a picture of the picture in the photo album (cheated, LOL). Kyler had just turned 5 and Branson had just turned 2. We are leaving tomorrow and the kids still have no idea! I can't wait to wake them up tomorrow and tell them where we are going!!! I can't wait! Hope I can sleep tonight. When we get back I will post pictures!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Jade

Last Sun we went to eat at Pei Wei. We always get edamae and Jade loves edamame but we have to get the soybeans out of the shell for her. Well she was so hungry I couldn't get them out fast enough. At one point she looked up at me and said "more" and did the sign language sign for more. For some reason when she did that it just melted my heart and I almost cried! Even now just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I don't know why because it was so cute but it is just one of those things. She is just so sweet and when she did that it made her even sweeter, if that is even possible. I will never forget how she did that! Never forget the look on her face! Wish I could video tape every second of all the kids!! That was the first time she did the sign language. The last week she was in school they had written on her paper that they learned some sign language but this was the first time she did it. It was amazing to me that she remembered it and knew how to use it!

We are still waiting to hear back from a preschool to see if they will let her in (they have to approve because she now has type 1 diabetes). She really misses school. Everytime we drive by her old one (they couldn't take her anymore because she got diabetes, said they couldn't take on the liability) she points and says "school, school." But I know it will all work out.

Jade's Dr appt went well. We talked about how she does not like the shots and the Dr gave us something called an I-Port. Google I-Port and you can see a picture and how it works. But it is a port that you put in her and it stays in her for 3 days and you give her shots in it so she doesn't feel it!! Then you change it after 3 days. It has made life so much easier! I don't know why they don't tell you about these right off the bat! I think it would make things so much less tramatic for a child when first getting diagnosed! Paul had never heard of them before either but the Dr said they had been out for awhile. Anyway it has made it a lot easier!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Count Down

This coming Sat morning at 6:00 am (wow, that is early!) we will be waking up the the kids and saying "guess where we are going?" DISNEY!!!!!! We are going to Florida for Spring break with our neighbors that have kids the same age as ours. They are the same friends we went skiing with last spring break. We are driving. That will be the long part but that's ok because last year when we drove to the mountains we had a lot of fun. The kids have no idea. They asked if we were doing anything for spring break and we said we were just going to hang out at home. Kyler said that was ok because he needed to relax. LOL! We can't wait and I promise to take a ton of pictures!!! We took Kyler and Branson when they were 2 and 5 and suprisingly Branson remembers a lot about that trip! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Post

So I haven't posted in a while...not sure why. Things are going good. Jade has been good, the boys have been good. I have been trying to just process everything I guess. I find myself making up these dumb sayings like....The world just keeps on going, guess I better jump back on or it will run over me. Or .....well now I can't think of all the little saying I have made up in my head the last few days. Wow! Just totally blank! I do know my mind has just been spinning a mile a minute the last few weeks. I feel somewhat disoriented. Not really in a bad way, just my whole normal thinking has been thrown off. All the "why, why, why?" and I just search my brain for some sort of answer. I have come up with a few that make sense to me. I really couldn't type them out...I tried to explain a few to Paul but couldn't really convey what was in my head, although Paul said he understood what I was saying.

The preschool Jade was at told us she couldn't come back. Said they couldn't take on that kind of liability. Ok, fine. I understand that but we payed for the whole month of Feb and she only went till the 9th of Feb so we asked for the rest of the money back. They said fine but we have to give them two weeks notice since we are leaving? What? So we say, but we are not wanting to are kicking us out so why would we have to pay two extra weeks for a notice? They say, well that's the way we do it. Ok, whatever. It's all about the buck these days. I sure couldn't run a daycare and make a family pay for two weeks because we couldn't take their child any longer because they now had diabetes. I couldn't look anyone in the face and ask for that. But, guess that is just me. Yep, some things really let you get to "know" people.

So one of our friends has been watching Jade for us while I try to finish this semester at school. At first I was just going to quit, but Paul said I should at least finish this semester and see where it goes from there. So far it has all worked out so we will see what happens. Right now we are waiting on another preschool to see if they will let us in. They said it was a good chance they would because they have had kids with diabetes before. The Dr had to write a note and then it goes before the "review board" at this preschool. It is a fancise so it has to go to corporate. She loves school and I hate that this is now a challenge. I told the place we are trying to get into now that I could just have her come a couple days a week and I could pick her up right after lunch so they wouldn't have to do the shot so we will see.

Jade has been as cute as ever! She has really been talking up a storm the last couple of weeks! Saying words she has never said before and just talking, talking, talking! Cute, cute and cute! Me and Jade have always been close (she is my BABY!!) but the last few weeks we have gotten even closer! I love that girl with all my heart and it just grows everyday!!

The boys have been as sweet as ever as well! Kyler started up spring baseball and had his first game tonight! It was a tie but Kyler played really well and got a hit first time up at bat! He made it to 1st base and then ran the bases!! He also played second base and got a kid out on the other team! He was smiling ear to ear he was so proud!! Branson started back up in soccer. His first game is this Sat. He is really excited about it!

Well that is it for now...Jade has her first Dr appt tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes. Although, I am pretty sure it will be fine since Paul knows more than the Dr. LOL! We have to call the Dr every day to give her blood numbers and then the Dr is suppose to adjust the amount of insulin but the Dr has been asking Paul what to do. LOL! She said Jade has had the best numbers and told Paul he should become a diabetes Dr.....You really don't understand it as much unless you have it I guess, even if you are a Dr.