Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Sweet Boy Who Needs A Family

This sweet boy from the UK needs a family ASAP!!! He is running out of time and has already been transferred out of the baby orphanage but still can be adopted. Please read about him here

And if you can't adopt please consider donating to his grant! Even a dollar will help bring this sweet boy home!! They say its not that there aren't enough families to adopt but not enough money so if we remove this road block we can find this sweet boy a family! A wonderful person is doing a giveaway for everyone who donates $5. Please check out this blog. She has a lot more pictures of this sweet child!

And please pray that he finds a family very fast!! Thank you!! Now please click the links above and read this sweet boys posts about him!! Thank you!!!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

CAROLYN! did i Miss your comment! wow wow wow your generosity is your heart. did you see the artwotk pics are up on my blog now? GOOD LUCK HONEY AND THANKYOU SO MUCH! XXXXX

Chris and Julie said...

Thanks so much for all you have done for Ryan and all your prayers for him and his family, us! He has been home over a year and is doing great! There are 2 new blogs one with updates and one with pictures! Blessings!

Chris and Julie said...

Oops, here is the blog